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Gฤƒseศ™te oferta potrivitฤƒ pentru tine! Abonamente libere de contract, net NELIMITAT, oferte internet ศ™i TV + cele mai bune oferte portare la Telekom


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Telekom Romania Mobile is a telecommunications company based in Romania. It is a subsidiary of Telekom Romania, which is itself a joint venture between the Greek telecommunications provider OTE and the Romanian state-owned company Societatea de Telecomunicatii Fixe Bucuresti (S. T.

F. B. ).

The company's headquarters are located in Bucharest, Romania. The building is a modern facility that houses the management and administrative functions of Telekom Romania Mobile. Telekom Romania Mobile offers a wide range of products and services to its customers.

It provides mobile phone services, including voice calls, SMS, and mobile data, to both individual and business customers. The company also offers various mobile plans and packages, as well as value-added services such as roaming, international calling, and mobile internet. On a global scale, Telekom Romania Mobile primarily operates within Romania.

However, it is part of the Deutsche Telekom group, which has a presence in multiple countries worldwide. This allows Telekom Romania Mobile to leverage the resources and expertise of its parent company to enhance its operations and provide its customers with innovative services. Telekom Romania Mobile does not have any noteworthy subsidiaries, joint ventures, or partnerships that have been publicly disclosed.

In terms of market position, Telekom Romania Mobile is one of the leading telecommunications providers in Romania. It competes with other major players in the market such as Orange Romania and Vodafone Romania. While exact figures for global sales are not publicly available, Telekom Romania Mobile has a significant customer base in Romania and has made efforts to expand its market share through competitive pricing and the introduction of new services.

There have been no recent major events or changes in strategy or product lineup that have significantly impacted Telekom Romania Mobile's growth. The company continues to focus on providing reliable and innovative telecommunications services to its customers. In conclusion, Telekom Romania Mobile is a telecommunications company based in Romania.

It offers a range of mobile phone services to individual and business customers, primarily within Romania. The company is part of the Deutsche Telekom group and competes with other major telecommunications providers in Romania. Telekom Romania Mobile's headquarters are located in Bucharest, and it continues to focus on providing reliable and innovative services to its customers


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