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Shenzhen Tellus Holding

Shenzhen Tellus Holding mainly operates in import and export trading businesses, manufactures machinery, and provides automobile repair.


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Shenzhen Tellus Holding, formerly known as Shenzhen Mechanical Industrial Company, was established in November 1986. It is a renowned brand that has been listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange since 1993. With a focus on transformation and innovation, Shenzhen Tellus Holding has evolved into a diverse conglomerate active in various industries.

The company's product offerings are segmented into four major categories. The first category includes their jewelry third-party platform, a comprehensive and government-approved service for the jewelry and gemstone industry. Additionally, they have a strong presence in commercial operations with the development and management of commercial real estate projects.

Shenzhen Tellus Holding also has a division that focuses on the automobile industry and serves as the authorized Mercedes-Benz dealership in Shenzhen. Finally, they are one of the largest property owners in the local jewelry industry, providing crucial support for its development. With a strong commitment to quality service and growth, Shenzhen Tellus Holding aims to become a leading third-party service provider in the jewelry industry


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