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ThedaCare is a comprehensive healthcare system dedicated to individualized care located throughout Northeast Wisconsin.


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ThedaCare is a healthcare system based in the United States that provides a wide range of medical services to communities in Northeast and Central Wisconsin. With its headquarters located in Appleton, Wisconsin, ThedaCare operates multiple hospitals, primary care clinics, specialty clinics, and other healthcare facilities. ThedaCare traces its roots back to 1906 when four hospitals in Northeast Wisconsin merged to form Appleton Hospital Association.

In 1987, Appleton Medical Center and Theda Clark Hospital merged to create ThedaCare as it is known today. Over the years, ThedaCare expanded its network by adding more hospitals, clinics, and medical centers to serve a larger patient population. The company offers a comprehensive range of medical services, including primary and specialty care, emergency and urgent care, surgery, women's health, cancer care, heart care, orthopedics, mental health services, rehabilitation, and wellness programs.

ThedaCare also provides various patient support services, such as outpatient pharmacies, home health, hospice, and assisted living. While ThedaCare primarily operates within the state of Wisconsin, it does not have any global operations or subsidiaries. However, the company has formed several partnerships and affiliations with other healthcare organizations to enhance patient care and improve access to medical services.

In terms of market position, ThedaCare is one of the largest healthcare providers in Wisconsin. It competes with other major healthcare systems in the region, such as Aurora Health Care and Ascension Wisconsin. ThedaCare is known for its patient-centered approach to care, quality initiatives, and commitment to innovation in healthcare delivery.

Notable achievements and changes in ThedaCare's history include the introduction of the ThedaCare Improvement System, which focuses on improving patient outcomes and reducing healthcare costs through continuous process improvement. ThedaCare has also been recognized for its efforts in patient safety and quality improvement. As of the latest information available, ThedaCare continues to expand its services and facilities to meet the evolving healthcare needs of its communities.

The company remains committed to providing high-quality, compassionate care to its patients while striving for innovation and improvement in the delivery of healthcare services


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