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UIAA, short for the International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation, has been promoting the growth and protection of mountaineering and climbing worldwide since its establishment in 1932. With a global presence across six continents, UIAA represents 94 member associations and federations in 69 countries. They value their heritage and are committed to caring for the mountains, their ecosystems, vulnerable communities, and cultures.

UIAA offers a range of products and services to climbers and mountaineers. They provide resources such as the UIAA Document Library, covering topics like sustainability, mountain protection, safety, mountain medicine, mountaineering skills, and more. They also organize various events and competitions, including ice climbing and rock climbing.

The UIAA logo, recognized internationally as a symbol of excellence, quality, and safety, represents their values of love, freedom, respect, risk awareness, decision-making, and willpower. The organization is dedicated to upholding Olympic values and advocates for access to climbing areas and mountain ranges. Through their General Assembly, UIAA makes important decisions regarding their role, activities, and budget.

They are supported by a secretariat in Bern, Switzerland. The Articles of Association define the purpose and principles of the UIAA, while the Olympic Vision aims to include ice climbing in the official Olympic competition program. With a rich history dating back to its foundation in 1932, UIAA has played a crucial role in shaping mountaineering and climbing.

The organization introduced the UIAA climbing grade system and established safety standards and testing for ropes. They have successfully advocated against harmful projects and continue to work towards the growth and protection of the sport. In summary, UIAA is a leading global network dedicated to promoting climbing and mountaineering.

They offer resources, organize events, and advocate for access and protection. The UIAA logo represents their commitment to safety and excellence, while their rich history showcases their contributions to the sport


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