Palomar5 was the 1st Innovation Camp in Germany and took place from 9th of October to 24th of November 2009 in Berlin.


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Palomar5 is a pioneering brand that introduced the concept of Innovation Camps in Germany. The inaugural camp took place from October 9th to November 24th, 2009, at the Malzfabrik in Berlin. It brought together 30 participants under the age of 30 from 17 countries to explore the future of work for 7 weeks.

During this time, the camp team successfully developed 12 innovative projects, ranging from solutions for haptic transfer of digital data to satellite networks connecting the global poor to the internet. Palomar5 went beyond traditional problem-solving. It emphasized the potential of creative collaboration in the digital 21st century, and the results were presented at the Palomar5 Summit.

Subsequently, the Palomar5 Festival opened the camp location to the public, showcasing the projects. The methodology of Palomar5 is centered around temporary experimental spaces that foster collaborative and self-organized processes of invention and innovation. Although it remains a topic of debate, Palomar5 is recognized for its unique approach to innovation.

Today, the influence of Palomar5 can be seen in similar initiatives like Open State and POC21, which focus on open hardware and digital fabrication for a sustainable future. The brand has garnered significant media coverage and acclaim, with testimonials praising its innovative methodology and impact on the future. For more information, refer to the article 1000 Stunden Innovationscamp Palomar5: Millennials bauen ihre Arbeitswelt von morgen in the book Personalmanagement von Millennials by Martin Glaffke, published by Gabler Verlag.

Palomar5 owes its success to numerous individuals and business partners, including Deutsche Telekom AG, who sponsored and enabled the camp. It was also made possible by the collective efforts of supporters, friends, experts, and the dedicated Palomar5 camp team. To learn more about innovation camps or Palomar5, feel free to reach out through their website or email addresses provided.

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