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Wij brengen mensen en verhalen samen op basis van onvoorwaardelijk geloof in onafhankelijke journalistiek.


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Mediahuis Nederland is a Dutch media company headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It is a subsidiary of the Belgian media group, Mediahuis, which also owns several leading newspapers in Belgium. Mediahuis Nederland has a rich history that traces back to the founding of its predecessor, Nieuwe Rotterdamsche Courant (NRC), in 1844.

Over the years, the company has evolved and expanded, transforming from a newspaper publisher to a multi-platform media organization. The company's headquarters is located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. From this central location, Mediahuis Nederland operates a diverse range of media outlets, including national and regional newspapers, digital news platforms, magazines, and radio stations.

Some of its main products and services include De Telegraaf, Noordhollands Dagblad, De Gelderlander, Brabants Dagblad, and Eindhovens Dagblad. Mediahuis Nederland has established a strong presence not only in the Dutch media market but also on a global scale. The company has several noteworthy subsidiaries, joint ventures, and partnerships.

One of its significant partnerships is with Talpa Network, a Dutch media company, through which it jointly operates the radio station, Radio 538. Additionally, Mediahuis Nederland has collaborated with other media organizations for joint ventures and content-sharing agreements. In terms of market position, Mediahuis Nederland holds a prominent position in the Dutch media landscape.

It is one of the largest media companies in the Netherlands and has a substantial market share in newspaper publishing. Despite facing tough competition from other media groups and the challenges posed by digitalization, Mediahuis Nederland has maintained its position as a leading media player. In recent years, Mediahuis Nederland has implemented various strategies to adapt to the rapidly changing media industry and ensure its growth.

The company has continued to invest in digital transformation, expanding its online presence and developing innovative digital platforms to attract and engage audiences. It has also focused on diversifying its revenue streams and exploring new business models. As of the latest updates, Mediahuis Nederland remains a thriving media organization, leveraging its legacy while embracing new technologies and opportunities.

The company continues to provide high-quality journalism, serving as a trusted source of news and information for Dutch readers across various platforms. It continually adapts and evolves to meet the changing needs of its audience, ensuring its relevance in the digital age


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