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The Network/La Red is a survivor-led, social justice organization that is dedicated to putting an end to partner abuse within lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, kink, polyamorous, and queer communities. Grounded in anti-oppression principles, their mission is to create a world where all individuals are liberated from oppression. The organization achieves this by organizing, educating, and providing support services to strengthen communities. Recognizing that oppression is rooted in an imbalance of power, The Network/La Red takes action against all forms of oppression.

They center their work around the experiences of survivors and actively promote survivor leadership. Acknowledging that individuals can face multiple forms of oppression and privilege simultaneously, the organization aims to empower individuals, including survivors, in making their own decisions. Partner abuse is closely linked to other forms of violence, oppression, and abuse, and The Network/La Red is committed to working in solidarity with other movements striving to end these social issues. They hold themselves and others accountable to their anti-oppression principles.

The Network/La Red's survivor-led approach is evident throughout their work. From the organization's founding by survivors and recruitment of survivors for board, staff, and volunteer positions to seeking feedback from survivors and ensuring survivor representation in support groups, survivor experiences are at the core of their efforts. To support their work, The Network/La Red welcomes donations of any size, which can contribute to their hotline, safe housing for those fleeing abuse, support groups, and community education. They also offer opportunities to join their board, where individuals can contribute to the organization's growth and promote social justice.

Located in Boston, MA, The Network/La Red is a fearless advocate for survivors of partner abuse, actively working towards creating a safer and more equitable world.


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