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Få børneopsparingen til at vokse med Tobi - den nemmeste måde at investere dit barns opsparing.


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Introducing Tobi - the brand that aims to make it easy for parents to start investing in their children's future. At Tobi, we believe that children's money should have the same opportunities as adults' money. With our products and services, we make it simple for you to grow your child's savings through investments.

Our invested children's savings options offer a sensible return, ensuring that your child's money grows effectively. As a Tobi member, you'll soon enjoy exclusive discounts and benefits, saving you time and money on your family's shopping needs. Additionally, we offer tailored children's insurance for you and other families with kids.

Explore our tools to understand how much your money can grow, how much you should contribute, and the effects of inflation. Discover our popular articles and guides, such as why you should invest and the benefits of tax-free returns. We also offer gift cards for Tobi, making it the perfect present for children.

For businesses, our company agreement provides attractive benefits for your employees and their families - think of it as a pension plan for children! Book a lecture today to learn more about giving your employees' children a strong financial start in life. As a Tobi employee, enjoy employer-sponsored benefits. Activate your employee perks today! Expand your knowledge with our online guides and utilize our free calculators for a better understanding of your child's potential returns and the impact of inflation on savings.

If you need assistance getting started or require technical support, our team is here to help. Join Tobi and embark on a journey towards a secure and prosperous future for your child


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