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The TreeHouse | Mumbai is a popular hospitality & fragrance brand located in India. Founded in 1997, TreeHouse entered the market as a small homestay and gradually expanded to become a leading player in the luxury serviced apartment segment. The company's headquarters are in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

The TreeHouse | Mumbai offers a range of products and services, primarily focusing on luxury serviced apartments. Their apartments are well-appointed and designed to offer a home-like experience to guests. Each apartment is equipped with modern amenities, making it suitable for both short and long stays.

TreeHouse also provides customized services such as concierge, housekeeping, and a 24x7 front desk, ensuring a seamless and comfortable experience for guests. On a global scale, The TreeHouse | Mumbai operates primarily within India. While there is no public information about any noteworthy subsidiaries, joint ventures, or partnerships, the company has a significant presence in major Indian cities like Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, and Gurgaon.

These locations allow them to serve both domestic and international travelers. In terms of market position, The TreeHouse | Mumbai holds a strong position in the luxury serviced apartment segment in India. The company has established a reputation for its high-quality accommodations and personalized services, setting it apart from its competitors.

While specific sales figures are not available, the brand's presence in prime locations and positive customer reviews indicate its favorable market standing. Over the years, The TreeHouse | Mumbai has witnessed several significant events and achievements. In 2015, the brand received the Certificate of Excellence from Tripadvisor, showcasing its commitment to providing exceptional hospitality.

The company has continuously evolved its strategies and product lineup to meet the changing needs of its discerning guests, ensuring sustained growth. Currently, there is limited information available about the company's latest updates or key information. Hence, it is advisable to refer to official sources or contact the brand directly for the most up-to-date information regarding The TreeHouse | Mumbai's current status


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