TrioConsult er en af regionens førende konsulentvirksomheder med speciale i økonomisystemerne Microsoft C5 og XAL.


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TrioConsult is a leading consultancy firm in the region specializing in the Microsoft C5 and XAL financial systems. Our team of highly skilled consultants, each with over 20 years of experience in advising and developing Microsoft C5, is here to assist you. We also offer Uniconta, the latest addition to our range of services.

Uniconta is a great alternative to C5 as it runs on your computer while securely storing data in the cloud, protecting against any potential disruptions. Explore the numerous benefits of Uniconta, including document scanning, business registry lookup, email invoices, and more. We encourage you to try a demo of Uniconta, which can also import data from C5, eConomic, and NAV.

Additionally, we provide a complimentary service check for Microsoft C5 users. Our consultants will assess your company's utilization of the system and offer recommendations for optimizing its potential. Even if your company is already working with another Microsoft C5 provider, we are happy to visit and provide assistance.

Contact us at 88 20 48 33 or mail@trioconsult. dk to arrange a consultation. Welcome to TrioConsult!


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