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Turvata Oy is one of the factors influencing happiness is the feeling of safety.


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Turvanasi is a national expert in fire safety. They believe that one of the key factors in creating happiness is a sense of security, and their mission is to protect people's lives and environments by ensuring fire safety. With over a hundred experts, Turvanasi serves businesses and individuals across Finland, offering a range of services related to fire safety.

These services include inspections and maintenance of fire extinguishers and hydrants, security inspections for buildings, rescue plans, exit signage, and training services. Turvanasi also offers a wide selection of fire extinguishers, blankets, exit signs, and guidance materials. Their experts guide customers in choosing the right fire extinguishers for their needs.

In addition to their services, Turvanasi publishes the Kipinä customer magazine, which covers fire safety topics from various perspectives. It features interesting customer stories and introduces a different Turvanasi branch in each issue. Turvanasi also has an extensive knowledge bank with answers to fire safety-related questions, maintenance instructions for fire extinguishers, safety data sheets, and other valuable information.

For comprehensive information on fire safety in properties, be sure to check out their guide. Turvanasi takes pride in offering quality fire safety solutions and delivering exceptional service to their customers. Find your nearest Turvanasi branch and ensure that your fire safety is in good hands.

Contacts: Turvanasi, Phone: 010 569 4700, Email: info@turvata. fi, Address: Läntinen teollisuuskatu 2, 02920 Espoo


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