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Sitio oficial de Televisión Nacional de Chile, TVN.


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TVN, also known as Televisión Nacional de Chile, is a Chilean television network that was founded on September 18, 1969. It is owned by the State of Chile and its headquarters are located in Santiago, Chile. TVN offers a wide range of products and services in the broadcasting industry, including television programs, news, sports, entertainment, and cultural content.

The network has several channels, such as TVN, TV Chile, TV Educa Chile, and 24 Horas. TVN is known for producing original programming, including telenovelas, reality shows, and documentaries. On a global scale, TVN has developed partnerships and collaborations with various international media organizations.

It has joint ventures with international networks, such as CNN Chile, and has distribution agreements with other television networks in Latin America and beyond. These partnerships have allowed TVN to expand its reach and share its content with a wider audience. In terms of market position, TVN is one of the main television networks in Chile.

It has a significant share of the domestic market and competes with other major players in the industry, such as Canal 13 and Mega. While TVN faces competition from private broadcasters, it continues to be a popular choice for viewers due to its diverse programming and high-quality content. Over the years, TVN has achieved various milestones and successes.

It has received numerous awards for its programming, including international recognition for its telenovelas and documentaries. The network has also adapted to changing market dynamics by focusing on digital platforms and expanding its online presence. Currently, TVN is undergoing a period of transformation and modernization to better meet the needs of its audience.

It is investing in new technologies and content development to stay relevant in the highly competitive media landscape. The network continues to provide engaging and innovative programming while adapting to the evolving media industry. In conclusion, TVN is a prominent television network in Chile, offering a wide range of programming and services.

Its headquarters are in Santiago, and it has a strong market position in the country. With international partnerships and a commitment to innovation, TVN continues to evolve and adapt to maintain its position as a leading media organization in Chile and beyond


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