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UCMAS Odisha - ABACUS Program - Since 1993 - For 4-12 year old Children - Scientifically Proven Brain Development Program.


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UCMAS Odisha is a renowned brand that offers the ABACUS Program, a scientifically proven brain development program for children aged 4-12. With over 27 years of global experience, UCMAS Abacus has touched the lives of more than 25,00,000 students worldwide through its 6000+ centers across 80+ countries. As a UC MAS franchise, you can be part of this successful entrepreneurial journey in education.

At UCMAS Odisha, they understand the importance of boosting child development and brain power. That's why they offer Visual Arithmetic and Abacus training, which not only strengthens math skills but also enhances memory, concentration, focus, and self-confidence. By promoting whole brain development, UCMAS helps children excel in all subject areas, leading to greater academic achievement.

During the ages of 4-13, known as the golden period for learning, more than 80% of a child's brain grows. UCMAS Abacus training optimally utilizes this phase to stimulate imagination, analytical skills, and brain connectivity. With UCMAS, your child will experience the wonderful benefits of whole-brain development.

They will learn to concentrate, observe, remember, imagine, create, judge, analyze, reason, and boost their self-confidence. The program uses the Abacus, the world's earliest calculator, to stimulate six areas of the brain and develop cognitive abilities. UCMAS has a proven track record, with students achieving remarkable results.

From improving concentration to excelling in academics, UCMAS transforms children into math wizards. Numerous success stories and accolades from students and parents testify to the effectiveness of the program. Don't miss the opportunity to unlock the genius within your child.

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