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A cross-platform app development tool used for rendering HTML UI within games and desktop applications.


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Ultralight is a next-generation HTML renderer that offers ultra-fast and ultra-light performance for desktop apps and games. It is based on WebKit and supports modern HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript features, while still remaining lightweight and highly configurable. With Ultralight, you can render HTML at the speed of light.

This brand provides two high-performance renderers for various target environments. The GPU renderer enables rendering HTML directly on the GPU using platforms like Direct3D, Metal, or OpenGL. On the other hand, the SIMD-accelerated CPU renderer can quickly render HTML to a bitmap with just a few lines of code.

Ultralight stands out for being small in binary size and memory usage. The WebKit essentials have been stripped down to deliver efficient performance in a compact package. Additionally, you can configure the allocator behavior, identify memory hotspots, and integrate your existing resource loader.

Ultralight is perfect for powering UI in games, allowing you to use HTML/JS to render HTML to an in-game texture. For desktop apps, you can build portable apps with HTML/JS and take advantage of the AppCore framework to create cross-platform windows and render to OS-native GPU surfaces. Ultralight offers a free license for indie developers with less than $100K in annual revenue.

Once your revenue exceeds $100K, a license must be purchased. So why wait? Get started with Ultralight and experience the power of an ultra-fast HTML renderer


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