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Unifor is a well-established brand that offers a range of products and services catered towards retirees. As an organization dedicated to the welfare and support of its members, Unifor Local 584 Retirees focuses on connecting retirees with valuable resources and opportunities. Under the leadership of the competent executive team for 2022-23, including Chairperson Chris Wilski and Vice-Chair Barb Morrison, Unifor Local 584 Retirees strives to provide a comprehensive retirement experience.

Other notable members of the executive team include Doug Berry as Recording Secretary, Pat Riley as Financial Secretary, Reg Galbraith as Sergeant at Arms, Steve Koloff as Guide, and Roz Monchamp as Liaison Officer. Unifor Local 584 Retirees not only keeps its members informed through its news section but also celebrates its history and achievements in its gallery. The organization also offers various benefits, ensuring retirees have access to necessary support and care.

Additionally, they maintain an active presence in the community, fostering meaningful connections through links and contact information. With its commitment to retirees' well-being, Unifor Local 584 Retirees is a trusted brand that retirees can rely on


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