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United Way of Kaw Valley is a nonprofit organization that aims to help individuals and families thrive. By bringing together people, companies, and nonprofits, they work to address issues that no single entity can tackle alone. Their focus is on supporting the whole family, helping children graduate and achieve employment success, assisting families in moving from crisis to financial stability, and improving the health of individuals and families in the community.

Over the past decade, United Way of Kaw Valley has made significant investments in Early Education, On-Grade Achievement, Financial Stability, Health, Substance Abuse, Racial Equity, and Basic Needs. They have realized the need for a different approach and have adopted a Whole Family/2Gen Approach to Poverty, making it easier for families to access services and define and achieve success for themselves. United Way of Kaw Valley works closely with residents as well as public and private partners to co-create solutions that ensure everyone has the necessary resources, support, opportunities, and networks to thrive.

Their commitment extends to creating more equitable communities by leveraging their assets, including convening, strategic investments, awareness building, and advocacy. They are dedicated to serving Douglas, Jackson, Jefferson, and Shawnee Counties to address the basic needs of the most vulnerable individuals and families. United Way of Kaw Valley also upholds a strong belief in equity, diversity, and inclusion.

They recognize that structural racism and other forms of oppression have contributed to persistent disparities and are committed to dismantling these barriers. Their vision is that everyone should have equal opportunities to succeed, and they actively work towards ensuring access to education, livelihood opportunities, and affordable quality healthcare for all. In light of recent events and the need for change, United Way of Kaw Valley has made a deep commitment to the work of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

They firmly believe in embracing diversity and addressing problems based on the principles of equal rights and equal opportunity. They understand that progress is achieved when every individual can contribute, share ideas, and have their basic rights and dignity respected. United Way of Kaw Valley is dedicated to building stronger communities by uniting people and fostering an inclusive society where everyone can live better


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