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Your new morning ritual for steady energy, a sharper mind, and less stress.


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Introducing Magic Mind, the world's first productivity drink that is revolutionizing your morning routine. Designed to provide steady energy, a sharper mind, and reduced stress, Magic Mind is your secret weapon for enhanced productivity. With over a decade of research and more than 100 iterations, this magical concoction combines 13 powerful ingredients to fuel your productivity.

Magic Mind's unique blend includes organic matcha with 130x the antioxidants of regular green tea, organic agave for subtle plant-based sweetness, and bacopa monnieri for improved attention and cognitive processing. It also features organic lion's mane mushrooms to reduce inflammation and anxiety, turmeric for post-exercise recovery, and phosphatidylserine to support memory and attention span. Additionally, Magic Mind is enriched with vitamins and herbal extracts that boost the immune system and combat stress.

Created by James Beshara, a bestselling author and expert on nootropics, Magic Mind was inspired by his own experience with stress and caffeine-related health issues. This transformative drink is scientifically designed to enhance energy, focus, and overall productivity, making it an essential part of your morning ritual. Say goodbye to coffee-induced jitters and start your day with Magic Mind.

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