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Административни услуги за граѓани достапни за oнлајн аплицирање.


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Uslugi. gov. mk is the official website of the Public Procurement Bureau of North Macedonia.

It serves as a platform for submitting and accessing public procurement announcements and documents. Established in 2001, the Public Procurement Bureau aimed to provide transparency and efficiency in the public procurement process. It operates under the Ministry of Finance and is based in North Macedonia's capital city, Skopje.

The main product and service offered by Uslugi. gov. mk is an online portal that allows government institutions and businesses to publish and access public procurement announcements.

The platform enables suppliers and contractors to participate in the bidding process for government contracts, ensuring fair competition and equal opportunity. It also provides important documentation and information related to the procurement process, including regulations, guidelines, and reports. Uslugi.

gov. mk primarily operates on a national scale within North Macedonia. However, its online platform has significantly eased access for foreign companies to participate in public procurement procedures, contributing to a more competitive bidding environment.

The company does not have any notable subsidiaries, joint ventures, or partnerships as of now. As the official platform for public procurement, Uslugi. gov.

mk holds a dominant market position in North Macedonia. It is widely recognized and utilized by both government institutions and businesses. While information regarding its global sales is not available, it maintains a strong standing among competitors in the public procurement sector.

There have been no significant events, achievements, or changes in the brand's strategy or product lineup that are known up to date. The focus of the Public Procurement Bureau remains on providing a transparent and efficient platform for public procurement in North Macedonia. In terms of its current status, Uslugi.

gov. mk continues to serve as the central hub for public procurement in North Macedonia. The website is regularly updated with the latest announcements and documents to facilitate a fair and transparent bidding process


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