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Toshkent va O'zbekiston yangiliklari: bugungi yangiliklar, foto va video, eng muhim O'zbekiston yangiliklari UZREPORT TV va FUTBOL TV da.


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Uzbekistan News, an information agency established in 1999, is a leading source of reliable and timely news about Uzbekistan. With a focus on the country's political, economic, and cultural life, Uzbekistan News covers a wide range of topics, including analysis, society, finance, sports, and technology. Its mission is to provide up-to-date information to both local and international audiences, including potential investors interested in the rapidly developing economy of Uzbekistan.

Operating as an online portal (www. uzreport. news), Uzbekistan News accumulates daily news from various sectors and offers three language versions: Uzbek, Russian, and English.

With a vast user base, the portal has gained popularity both within the country and internationally. It also features a valuable archive of reference and analytical information about Uzbekistan, including banking, stock markets, insurance, legislative documents, and more. Recognized as the best internet publication in Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan News has been praised for its journalistic excellence.

In 2009, it expanded its services and established the Information Agency UzReport, which is now a leader in Uzbekistan's information market. They have also obtained a license to provide television broadcasting services, allowing them to present a wide range of news and programs on their own TV channel. Uzbekistan News is dedicated to keeping its audience well-informed and engaged through its social media platforms, including Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, and YouTube.

With a commitment to providing accurate and relevant news, Uzbekistan News continues to play a crucial role in shaping public opinion and promoting transparency in Uzbekistan. Note: The description has been organized and summarized for clarity and coherence


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