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Valley HealthCare System shall improve our community’s health by delivering the highest quality behavioral health care


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Valley HealthCare System is a trusted brand that focuses on promoting positive mental health, recovery, and a superior quality of life. With a holistic approach, they offer a wide range of services to support individuals in their journey towards well-being. From crisis intervention and counseling to long-term residential treatment and ongoing support plans, Valley HealthCare System provides comprehensive care tailored to meet individual needs.

Since its establishment in 1969, Valley has been a trailblazer in community behavioral health centers. Today, they continue to serve four counties in the north central region of West Virginia, namely Marion, Monongalia, Preston, and Taylor. Valley's dedicated team is guided by their mission to improve the community's health by delivering the highest quality behavioral healthcare.

They prioritize treating people with kindness and respect, listening to their stories, and recognizing the whole person. With effective methods of treatment and integration of clients' recovery strategies, Valley empowers individuals to heal and move forward in life. To facilitate access to their services, Valley HealthCare System welcomes inquiries.

Interested individuals can reach out by calling 304-296-1731 or using the provided online form. Their committed leadership team and board of directors ensure the brand's growth and commitment to serving vulnerable populations. Valley HealthCare System also places great importance on compliance and providing excellent services.

Through continuous quality improvement and a corporate compliance plan, they remain compliant with regulations while delivering exceptional care. Their Morgantown, Marion, Taylor, and Preston County offices cater to the needs of the community. Valley HealthCare System stands ready to make a positive impact on the lives of West Virginians, offering hope and support on the path to recovery and improved mental health


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