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Kalmar Chokladfabrik är ett svenskt familjeföretag med två stora passioner – god choklad och ett gott hantverk.


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Van Ufford Choklad is a Swedish family-owned brand that specializes in crafting luxurious and delicious chocolate. With a passion for both chocolate and quality craftsmanship, they create their delectable treats entirely by hand in their small chocolate factory in Kalmar. From molding the chocolate to the finished chocolate bar in your hands, every detail is made with love and care.

Their range of products includes a variety of artisanal chocolate bars, chocolate lollipops, gift baskets, roasted almonds, and other delectable treats. Whether you want to indulge in a little luxury in your everyday life or find the perfect gift, Van Ufford Choklad has something for everyone. What sets Van Ufford Choklad apart is their commitment to sustainability and health.

All their products are made from organic chocolate, and they use organic berries, nuts, spices, and other flavorings whenever possible. Even their packaging is eco-friendly, with their transparent bags made from compostable, biobased materials instead of plastic. Experience the joy of their delicious chocolates and join Van Ufford Choklad on their journey towards a sustainable and delectable future


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