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Vegan Outreach is a renowned brand that operates as a 501c3 nonprofit organization with a mission to eliminate violence against animals. Their ultimate goal is to create a future where sentient animals are no longer exploited as commodities. Established in 1993, Vegan Outreach has gained recognition for its extensive outreach program, which involved distributing leaflets on college campuses.

At its peak, they reached over 1 million students at 1,000 schools every semester. In recent years, Vegan Outreach has shifted its focus to the 10 Weeks to Vegan program, which has proven to be highly effective in facilitating change. Instead of distributing booklets, they now engage with college students online, resulting in over 150,000 sign-ups in 2019 alone.

They have continued to expand their reach through an increased advertising presence on social media platforms and have attracted more than 1. 35 million sign-ups since the beginning of 2020. Vegan Outreach offers various tailored 10 Weeks to Vegan series for individuals from 55 countries and regions worldwide.

Additionally, they provide essential support through nutrition resources, a vegan mentorship program, and regional Facebook groups with dietitians to answer questions. They also launched the Vegan Chef Challenges, stimulating positive conversation and awareness about veganism while collaborating with non-vegan restaurants to introduce new vegan menu items. Furthermore, Vegan Outreach actively works with educational institutions and corporate offices in India through their Green Tuesday Initiative, encouraging the adoption of sustainable food policies and reducing the use of animal-based products.

Driven by a commitment to effectiveness and inclusivity, Vegan Outreach never shames individuals but instead encourages gradual changes at each person's own pace. They prioritize advocacy and outreach efforts over personal purity or trace ingredients. The organization aims to hire a diverse staff, placing women and people of color in leadership positions.

By supporting Vegan Outreach, you contribute to their vital work in transforming the way society views and treats animals


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