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Da oltre 60 anni Velier distribuisce liquori e distillati in tutta Italia.


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Velier, a brand rooted in history and driven by exploration and discovery, offers a wide range of spirits, wines, and liqueurs that embody the unique characteristics of their producers and terroir. With a focus on authenticity and avant-garde approaches, Velier aims to pour the passion, quality, and pleasure of the world of beverages and food into the glasses of enthusiasts. Since its establishment in 1947 as a traditional wine and spirits import company in Genova, Velier has evolved under the leadership of Luca Gargano.

With a background in marketing for renowned brands, Luca brought innovation to Velier, transforming it into a leader in importing high-quality alcoholic beverages. Over the years, Velier has expanded its portfolio to include diverse products, such as champagne from Billecart-Salmon and wines from the New World. Notably, Velier played a pivotal role in introducing Latin American white spirits, including Cachaça, Mezcal, and Pisco, to the Italian market.

They also pioneered co-bottling collaborations with renowned single malt and rum producers and paved the way for the rum renaissance with their original Demerara range. In addition, Velier became the first independent agent for Cuban cigars in Italy and took a stand in importing absinthe. They established the groundbreaking 'Triple A' protocol for natural wines and exclusively distributed Triple A wines.

The brand's dedication to innovation extended to creating the Caroni mania, as they unearthed a treasure trove of Caroni rum and bottled it at full strength. Passionately committed to excellence, Velier embarked on a mission to produce the finest agricole rum in the world, resulting in the creation of Rhum Rhum in collaboration with Gianni Capovilla. Embodying a spirit of adventure, Velier continues to push boundaries, offering exceptional products that captivate the senses and reflect the rich tapestry of the beverages and culinary world


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