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Welcome to the website of Békásmegyeri Veres Péter Gimnázium! Founded in 1986, our school has been providing quality education for 35 years. As a prestigious gymnasium in Budapest, we offer a wide range of programs for students from grades 6 to 12 (excluding grade 9C). At Békásmegyeri Veres Péter Gimnázium, we prioritize academic excellence and holistic development.

Our dedicated and experienced teachers create a conducive learning environment that fosters intellectual growth and personal growth. We offer a comprehensive curriculum that includes subjects such as English, biology, chemistry, social sciences, music, physical education, and more. In addition to our academic programs, we also focus on extracurricular activities, ensuring that our students have a well-rounded education.

From cultural events to sports competitions, we provide ample opportunities for students to explore their interests and talents. We invite you to explore our website for more information about our school, including important news, enrollment procedures, and contact details. Join our community of enthusiastic learners at Békásmegyeri Veres Péter Gimnázium and embark on a fulfilling educational journey!


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