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Viewpoints is a nonprofit organization that aims to improve communities by providing safe, supportive, and affordable housing to justice-involved men. Our mission is to empower these men to live productive and crime-free lives as they navigate and overcome the barriers of re-entry. Our programs are specifically designed for men on the sex offense registry or those convicted of a sexual crime.

We offer transitional housing and re-entry support to help these individuals reintegrate into society successfully. At Viewpoints, we believe in a society where all people can live freely, without fear of retribution or unjust barriers to a quality life. We provide a home-like setting for our clients, giving them the opportunity to make a contribution to society while living a successful life.

With your support as a volunteer or through financial generosity, we have been able to help a select group of individuals achieve their goals. Join us in our mission to provide suitable housing and support to men reentering society after incarceration. Together, we can make a positive impact on the lives of justice-involved men and the communities they are a part of


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