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Hartelijk welkom in kinderdagverblijf Villa Kakelbont, het huis van Pippilotta Victualia Rolgordijna Kruizemunta Efraïmsdochter Langkous oftewel Pippi Langkous.


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Welcome to Villa Kakelbont, a high-quality daycare center for children aged 0 to 4 years. Our professional team provides optimal and responsible childcare in a safe, nurturing, and trusted environment. At Villa Kakelbont, we believe in stimulating every child's development through play.

Our brand is known for its commitment to quality and professionalism in all aspects of our organization. From our beautiful new building to our highly qualified staff and carefully selected toys, we ensure that your child receives the best care possible. We understand that entrusting your child to others is a big decision, which is why we prioritize creating a secure, familiar, and inspiring atmosphere.

We not only provide nutritious meals, rest, and care but also focus on education and development. We closely follow and support the emotional and intellectual growth of each child, offering playful activities that enhance language, motor skills, and social behavior. Join us at Villa Kakelbont, where your child will quickly feel at home in the world of Pippi Longstocking and her friends.

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