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VirtuSense was founded on the belief that proactive AI can make healthcare simple, affordable, and accessible without compromising the quality of care.


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VirtuSense is a brand that is dedicated to advancing proactive healthcare for all. Their mission is to accelerate access to care, utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and innovative sensors to provide physicians, caregivers, and families with predictive insights. By detecting movements and anomalies based on millions of hours of normative data, their AI sensors can alert healthcare providers 30-65 seconds before a bed/chair exit occurs, ensuring timely intervention and preventing potential accidents.

VirtuSense was founded in 2013 by Deepak Gaddipati, an engineer, who was driven by a personal experience. After his grandmother suffered a fall and subsequently passed away due to lack of intervention, Deepak set out to develop a tool that could proactively identify fall risks in older adults. Their first product, VSTBalance, utilized AI and machine vision to provide evidence-based fall-risk assessments.

Since then, VirtuSense has expanded their product line to include VSTAlert and VSTOne. VSTAlert employs infrared rays to predict when a patient is preparing to exit their bed, making it useful in both acute and post-acute care settings. VSTOne, their real-time monitoring product, was developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, addressing the need for remote monitoring to reduce exposure risks for healthcare staff.

With a commitment to making healthcare simple, affordable, and accessible, VirtuSense is revolutionizing the industry with their innovative products and dedication to proactive care. Contact them to learn more about their solutions and how they can benefit your healthcare facility


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