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VISENSE is a startup that provides a smart error diagnosis solution that gives industrial manufacturing companies real-time visual insights into industrial machine errors, allowing them to identify and resolve incidents quickly and precisely.


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Visense is a startup that offers a smart error diagnosis solution for industrial manufacturing companies. Their goal is to provide real-time visual insights into industrial machine errors, enabling companies to quickly and accurately identify and resolve incidents. With Visense, machine operators and builders can record, document, and solve flaws in industrial machine processes, boosting troubleshooting efficiency and reducing the burden on engineering teams.

Their Visual Error Exploration System allows industrial companies to access visual footage and information, empowering engineering teams to address machine errors more effectively. Visense's camera system can be easily installed on production machines, both temporarily or stationary. Users can report, share, and analyze recorded video footage, facilitating quick error resolution.

By autonomously observing machine processes and detecting errors, Visense helps companies increase machine availability and productivity. With cutting-edge technology on both the software and hardware side, Visense provides a comprehensive all-in-one solution that simplifies machine observation. Their user-friendly interface and self-explanatory hardware setup enable easy adoption with minimal training.

Plus, there is no need for manual review of hours of video footage, as data is actionable and scalable. Visense's innovative approach has earned them the trust of leading industrial companies, who see the value of their visual data in improving customer relations and troubleshooting processes. Discover how Visense can enhance your team's efficiency and machine performance today.

Contact them via email at info@visense. io or visit their offices in Zurich, Switzerland, and Potsdam, Germany


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