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Vitalismaatjes is a brand that offers a unique volunteering experience with a mission. For over 40 years, Stichting Vitalis has been matching children between the ages of 5 and 18 with adult volunteers, creating meaningful connections and engaging in fun activities together. These volunteer-child pairs, known as maatjes, spend a few hours a week for a year, fostering friendship and embarking on enjoyable adventures like playing football in the park, baking cakes, or playing card games.

Becoming a maatje yourself is a fulfilling experience that brings joy to both you and the child. Vitalismaatjes makes sure that the matching process is carefully done in consultation with the casemanagers, ensuring a suitable match between volunteer and child. The activities planned are designed to provide support, attention, and a nurturing environment for the child.

From crafts to sports, visits to the library, or even trips to the beach, these experiences help the child discover their interests and talents while building self-confidence. As a Vitalismaatje, you will receive guidance and coaching from the casemanagers. Regular evaluations and monthly meetings with other volunteers provide opportunities to exchange experiences and gain valuable insights.

Additionally, Vitalismaatjes organizes themed evenings that offer practical knowledge and support. Vitalismaatjes also recognizes the importance of privacy and offers a small monthly expense allowance during the matching period. Moreover, for educational institutions, some programs can count volunteering as a stage.

If you are interested in becoming a maatje or want to refer a child, simply fill out the registration form with your email address and agree to the privacy terms. Please note that the matching process may take between three to six months, but in the meantime, the child can receive and send cards to a pen pal from Vitalismaatjes, creating something to look forward to. Join Vitalismaatjes and make a positive impact in a child's life by providing them with attention, friendship, and support!


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