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VIVIT is a leading brand in medical research located in Vorarlberg, Austria. As the Vorarlberg Institute for Vascular Investigation and Treatment, VIVIT focuses primarily on researching and treating metabolic and cardiovascular diseases such as diabetes and atherosclerosis. They also extensively study nephrological diseases and cancer.

Established in 1997 by Prof. Dr. Dr.

Heinz Drexel, VIVIT is a nonprofit organization dedicated to conducting high-level medical research in a competitive international environment. With a team of around 20 life science specialists, VIVIT combines expertise from the fields of medicine and natural sciences, working across various disciplines including diabetology, cardiology, nephrology, oncology, genetics, and molecular biology. Their work ranges from fundamental research to practical application in clinics.

VIVIT has already published over 450 scientific papers in renowned journals and has made more than 1,200 contributions to national and international conferences, highlighting their significant presence in the global scientific community. While their orientation is international, VIVIT's research always prioritizes patients from Vorarlberg and the Rheintal-Bodensee region and maintains close ties with the regional medical community and institutions. They collaborate closely with the Landeskrankenhaus Feldkirch, Krankenhausbetriebsgesellschaft, and the Medizinisches Zentrallabor, conducting genetic examinations for Vorarlberg patients.

Through their work in personalized medicine and therapy, VIVIT's research has multiple benefits for local patients. They specialize in studying diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases, nephrological diseases, and cancer. VIVIT also offers genetic diagnostics for medical facilities in Vorarlberg.

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