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АНО ДПО Высшая школа лидерства is an autonomous nonprofit organization specializing in additional professional education. As a member of the Russian Association of Business Education (RABE), the school's mission is to implement programs that develop innovative approaches to making comprehensive managerial decisions. With expertise in industry, regional, municipal, and corporate talent management programs, Высшая школа лидерства offers exclusive, specialized educational programs for top management, as well as leaders in legal, financial, and HR departments of organizations, institutions, and enterprises.

Their programs cover a wide range of areas including strategic management, financial management, reward management, HR management, training management, coaching and consulting, industry management, legal business support, and documentation of business processes. The school organizes annual forums, congresses, conferences, and roundtable discussions on relevant economic, management, financial, and legislative issues. They also offer year-round qualification improvement programs in the form of international internships.

With renowned Russian practitioners, business trainers, coaches, consultants, and specialists from ministries and departments as instructors, Высшая школа лидерства attracts participants from major Russian companies, organizations, institutions, state authorities, and the Russian Federation's subjects. For a comprehensive education and a platform to enhance your professional skills, choose АНО ДПО Высшая школа лидерства. Contact them today to find out more


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