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Hygienic, non-contact, long-range touch solution for post-covid-19 era.


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VTOUCH Inc. As the world's first complete contactless touch technology, VTOUCH is paving the way for a safer and more convenient world. With their Virtual Touch Panel, VTOUCH offers a versatile and innovative replacement for traditional touch panels attached to displays.

This technology works exactly the same way as touch panels but without the need for physical contact, making it ideal for public spaces. VTOUCH also provides Virtual Touch Automotive, allowing users to control various in-car functions simply by pointing at them. Additionally, their Virtual Touch Home enables the remote control of multiple devices and displays, providing ultimate convenience.

Utilizing deep learning (AI) technology and a 3D camera, Virtual Touch analyzes user motion and accurately selects precise points, offering a touch-like interface with zero latency. VTOUCH's patented prediction algorithm ensures a clean and safe touchless control experience, free from the risk of infection. It also enables control of areas that are physically out of reach, making it accessible for wheelchair users and people with shorter height.

With easy installation and support for HID protocol, VTOUCH's products are user-friendly and compatible with various client devices. VTOUCH has an impressive portfolio of projects, including touch control of projection screens, digital signage, game controls, and Netflix content exploration. Their technology has been recognized with CES Innovation Awards and has been applied to various industries, including automotive, elevators, mirror displays, information kiosks, vending machines, and smart homes.

With over 90 patents protecting their Virtual Touch technology, VTOUCH is a trailblazer in the field of AI and deep learning. Join their team and help create a safer and more convenient world. Contact careers@vtouch.

io to explore career opportunities with VTOUCH. Recent achievements include winning the CES 2022 Innovation Award in three categories and VTOUCH Co-CEO SJ Kim being honored as the 'Invention King of the Year' at the '56th Invention Day' event hosted by the Korean Intellectual Property Office. Choose VTOUCH Inc


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