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Western Balkans Private Equity Fund is led by a team with renowned experience, drawing its strength from the presence of experienced, senior professionals with complementary areas of expertise.


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Western Balkans Private Equity Fund (WBPEF-I) is a renowned brand that specializes in private equity investments in small and midcap companies in the Balkan region. With a team of experienced experts in private equity and acquisitions, WBPEF-I has a track record of over 40 billion euros in investments made. Their investment focus spans across various sectors including medical, manufacturing, fintech, IT & gaming, and food.

What sets WBPEF-I apart is their commitment to creating value through the M&A process and post-acquisition leadership. They carefully assess the target companies, considering factors such as management, industry, historical financials, and forecasts, before making a commitment. WBPEF-I understands the unique challenges faced by businesses in the Western Balkans, such as difficulty growing from small to medium/large, lack of strategic direction, and limited access to financing.

To address these challenges, WBPEF-I provides continuous strategic support, access to a managerial pool of talent, financing for growth and development, and a commitment to creating stronger, longer-lasting companies. They also offer support for business owners and managers in realizing their growth plans through new strategies, technological innovation, and shareholder buyouts. With their deep knowledge of the local markets and international experience, WBPEF-I is well-equipped to identify attractive investments and support the transition and enrichment of companies in the region.

Their goal is to create a framework that fosters long-term development and sustainable impact on the local economy. If you have an investment opportunity, don't hesitate to reach out to WBPEF-I. Subscribe to their newsletter to stay updated on their latest activities


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