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Watercooler is a workplace intelligence platform that offers a range of products and solutions to help organizations make informed decisions about talent management. With their Behavioral People Analytics, they analyze data from multiple IT systems and use artificial intelligence to identify and predict talent risks. One of their main focuses is on early detection of talent risk, including factors like resignation risk, engagement, collaboration, burnout risk, and wellbeing.

By turning data into actionable insights, Watercooler empowers managers and HR professionals to take prompt action to prevent talent loss, improve team collaboration, and align talent with business goals. Watercooler also supports diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives by providing missing data to resolve inequality and bias. They offer integrations with existing HRIS and communications platforms, making it easy to incorporate their analytics into existing workflows.

With Watercooler's real-time view of your organization's digital footprint, you can proactively manage engagement and well-being, identify and address potential issues before they become problems, and ultimately take better care of your people. Book a demo today to experience the power of Behavioral People Analytics for yourself


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