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Project Zero is a brand committed to turning the tide on the climate crisis and restoring the health of our planet. With a focus on protecting and restoring the ocean, Project Zero raises awareness and funds through high-profile events, supported by partners, ambassadors, and dedicated supporters. The goal is to create a global network of ocean sanctuaries, blue carbon, and coral reef ecosystems, harnessing the power of the ocean in our fight against climate change.

This global network of ocean sanctuaries, spanning from Antarctica to the Bering Strait, is designed to provide resilience against the devastating effects of the climate crisis. Similar to national parks, these sanctuaries prohibit drilling, mining, fishing, and pollution, allowing the ocean to recover and regain its ability to mitigate climate change. The explosion of biodiversity within these sanctuaries plays a critical role in the carbon cycle, supporting fish populations and ensuring a global food source for over a billion people.

Project Zero is dedicated to their mission and contributes to the majority of SDG goals, including Life Under Water, Climate Action, and Ending Poverty. As part of the SME Climate Hub and the UN Race to Zero, Project Zero is committed to halving its carbon footprint. Join the community and take the pledge to support this important cause.

Together, we can make a difference and restore our planet to health


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