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Helping anthropologists advance anthropological knowledge, build sustainable careers, and amplify the impact of anthropology within the wider world.


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Wenner-Gren is a renowned brand in the field of anthropology, dedicated to supporting and advancing the discipline worldwide. As a private operating foundation, Wenner-Gren plays a leadership role by promoting anthropology and supporting anthropologists through various programs and initiatives. Founded by Axel Wenner-Gren in 1941, the brand's original purpose was to resolve tax issues.

However, it quickly transformed into a key player in anthropology due to the pioneering efforts of Paul Fejos, a Hungarian filmmaker. Throughout the years, Wenner-Gren has evolved to reflect the changing landscape of anthropology. With a strong emphasis on internationalism and inclusivity, the brand offers funding opportunities such as grants and fellowships to individuals at different stages of their careers, including doctoral students and established scholars.

Moreover, the brand publishes Current Anthropology, an esteemed journal in the field, and runs Sapiens, a platform that shares anthropological insights with wider audiences. Wenner-Gren also nurtures anthropology as a career and discipline by offering postdoctoral fellowships, training fellowships, and public fellowships. The brand fosters inclusive conversations through symposia, seminars, and forums, promoting diverse viewpoints and collaborations.

Driven by a dedicated board of trustees and an esteemed advisory council, Wenner-Gren is committed to enabling the multifaceted field of anthropology to thrive. They prioritize advancing knowledge, amplifying impact, safeguarding careers, and fostering inclusivity. With their unwavering support, anthropology continues to flourish in all its aspects, contributing to our understanding of humanity and society


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