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RISE is dedicated to bridging the disparity gap between the transitioning young adult and the community through education, mentorship, outreach and awareness.


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Resources Inspiring Success and Empowering (RISE) is a brand dedicated to empowering and inspiring youth to achieve their full potential. With a focus on fostering success and empowering individuals, RISE offers a range of products and services to support young adults in their journey towards a brighter future. One of their flagship programs is the Professional Leadership Institute, where young adults can gain valuable skills and knowledge to excel in their careers.

Additionally, the Mission Iโ€™m Possible initiative aims to bridge the gap between past experiences and future aspirations for those transitioning from foster care or facing other challenges. For girls in foster care, RISE organizes the empowering {HER} Code Summer Camp, a 10-day STEM experience aimed at engaging and enhancing their skills in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Through collaboration with corporations, government agencies, foster care systems, parents, and youth with lived experiences, RISE is able to create impactful change and provide innovative solutions.

Together, they promote access to safe, sustainable, and permanent housing and offer mentorship, education, and job training opportunities. Join RISE in their mission to make a difference in your community. Volunteer, donate, or get involved today to help empower young adults and build stronger, more resilient communities.

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