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Avec une équipe d'entrepreneurs et d'experts, nous formons des entrepreneurs éthiques et les accompagnons dans le développement de leurs entreprises


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Wesprint Montpellier is a brand that focuses on nurturing ethical entrepreneurship and supporting the growth of businesses. With a team of entrepreneurs and experts, Wesprint provides operational advice and guidance for impact-driven companies. Whether it's consulting, operational support, or training, Wesprint aims to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs. Wesprint is dedicated to accompanying audacious enterprises in the fields of technological, social, and environmental innovation.

Their vision is to make innovation the driving force behind the transformation of local economies, enabling them to adapt to the challenges of the future, such as social cohesion, climate issues, and the jobs of tomorrow. The brand offers a range of services to support businesses, including project structuring, personalized operational guidance, effective fundraising strategies, and identifying innovative projects to become economic engines for their respective territories. Wesprint believes in the ethical and responsible role of entrepreneurs and aims to help them innovate for the common good. With their experience in entrepreneurship and dedication to sustainable development, Wesprint strives to create a positive impact on society, the environment, and the local communities they serve.

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