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Our complete approach to environmental advocacy represents our commitment to nature and conservation for today and the future.


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Westcave Outdoor Discovery Center, located in Round Mountain, TX, is a brand dedicated to inspiring people to develop a lifelong connection with and appreciation for nature. With a mission focused on education, collaboration, and conservation, Westcave offers a range of programs and services to fulfill this goal. One of the center's key initiatives is teaching.

With a team of dedicated staff, Westcave partners with schools to provide educational experiences to 6,000 students annually. Through hands-on learning in their 76-acre preserve and state-of-the-art Warren Skaaren Environmental Learning Center, students gain a deep understanding of scientific concepts within a real-life laboratory setting. Collaboration is another core value of Westcave.

The center leads the Children in Nature Collaborative of Austin (CiNCA), bringing together nonprofits, educators, health professionals, and community leaders to connect children and families with nature. Their successful collaboration has led to the establishment of the Texas Children in Nature Network (TCiNN) and partnerships with organizations like Girls+Outside and Austin Outdoors. Lastly, Westcave is dedicated to conserving the natural beauty of their preserve and surrounding areas.

Located in Southwest Travis County, their 76-acre preserve is home to the endangered Golden-cheeked Warbler. Through their visionary care and recent acquisition of an additional 45 acres, Westcave ensures that future generations can continue to enjoy and appreciate these natural treasures. To experience the wonders of Westcave Outdoor Discovery Center for yourself, visit their location at 24814 Hamilton Pool Rd.

Whether it's exploring The Canyon or The Uplands, participating in specialty hikes, or joining their field trips, there are endless opportunities to engage with and protect nature. Support their mission by becoming a member, volunteer, or partner, and make a difference in the preservation of our natural world


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