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Welcome to the website of Wohnheim Ferdinand Wallbrecht Straße! We provide support for individuals with mental illnesses to live independently and actively participate in the community. Take a look at our website to get an initial impression of our facility and the services we offer. Our establishment has been in operation since the 1970s and underwent a change in ownership in October 2010, becoming the Wohnheim Ferdinand Wallbrecht Straße GmbH (WFWS GmbH).

Our residential facility is open to individuals with mental illnesses who require assistance in a supportive housing environment. Located in a central area in the List district, our facility is just a short walking distance from the city center, main train station, bus stations, and subway. Nearby, you'll find doctors, supermarkets, and shops.

Our facility has five floors, consisting of five residential areas. Each area comes with a communal space, modernized sanitary facilities, kitchens with washing machines, dryers, and freezers, as well as a telephone that offers free calls to the German landline. We also provide free Wi-Fi throughout the building.

Each resident receives their own front door and room key. With a total of 57 single rooms, all fully furnished and equipped with a refrigerator, our facility offers a comfortable living arrangement. If desired, residents can bring their own furniture with prior arrangement.

Additionally, two separate living communities for four people each are located on the ground floor, providing a higher level of independence and preparing individuals for transitioning to their own apartments. Our office for the support team and facility management is located on the ground floor, while the basement houses the offices of the social service and administration. In the basement, you'll also find a communal kitchen where cooking activities take place.

Outside, there is a small courtyard with seating areas for socializing and relaxation. Please feel free to check out our current brochure for further information about our facility. At Wohnheim Ferdinand Wallbrecht Straße, we offer residential support for individuals aged 21 and above with mental illnesses in various aspects of their lives.

We provide personalized assistance with daily structure, household management, vocational participation, and social relationships. However, please note that our facility is not suitable for individuals with primary substance use disorders or severe mobility limitations, as our building is not wheelchair-accessible. From a legal and financial perspective, we operate as a residential facility for individuals with mental illnesses, providing integration assistance (as defined in Sections §102 para.

1 No. 4 and §76 para. 2 No.

2 of the Social Security Code IX). The costs for accommodation and support are covered by the social welfare agency within the framework of integration assistance, based on the individual's financial situation. If you're interested in getting a glimpse of our Wohnheim, we offer the opportunity for an informal visit.

Simply contact our social service to schedule an appointment and receive general information about daily structure and living arrangements. Further discussions can be arranged afterward. For medical care, our designated clinic within the area is the Medizinische Hochschule Hannover (MHH).

We also cooperate with a local psychiatrist in our district who regularly holds consultations in the residential facility as a consulting physician. Our residents have the freedom to choose their own doctors. We believe in actively involving and empowering our residents.

To represent their interests, we have the BewohnerInnenvertretung (Resident Representation), composed of a maximum of five elected members. House and floor meetings are held to discuss and plan internal matters. If you have any inquiries or would like further information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Tel: 0511 - 270 421-60 Fax: 0511 - 270 421-77 Email: info@wfws-hannover. de


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