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Wice CRM is a leading CRM software system that helps businesses manage their customer relationships effectively. With Wice CRM, you can have your customers in sight and success under control. Whether you choose the CRM on-demand option from the cloud or prefer the CRM on-premise hosted solution, Wice has got you covered.

Wice CRM offers a range of features tailored to meet your business needs. In the sales department, you can manage your customer contacts and plan your next steps efficiently. Wice CRM enables you to generate leads faster, increase your closure rate, and ensure overall employee satisfaction.

In marketing, Wice CRM allows you to create targeted distribution lists, sending mailings with higher precision and less waste. This helps you save valuable resources and achieve better results. For finance, Wice CRM simplifies your accounting processes by generating quotes and invoices with just a few clicks.

It also provides automated recurring revenue management and improves cash flow. In service and support, Wice CRM enhances customer satisfaction by involving your customers directly in the service processes through a customer portal. This enables faster and more professional handling of service cases, leading to increased customer loyalty.

With Wice CRM, you also have the option to match the software to your specific requirements through their CRM matchmaking service. This ensures that you get exactly the functionality you need for your business. Wice CRM is a secure CRM solution from Germany, hosting their cloud CRM systems exclusively in Germany and adhering to the highest security standards.

They offer both CRM on-demand and on-premise options, giving you the flexibility to choose what works best for your business. Start your CRM journey with Wice CRM today and experience the benefits of a comprehensive and user-friendly CRM software system that will drive your business success


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