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Welcome to Wikingerbäcker, the Viking baker! We specialize in creating delicious bakery products using the finest ingredients from Ostfriesland, which you can easily taste in every bite. We are proud to share that we receive EU funding for apprentices in insolvency. Find your nearest Wikingerbäcker store here.

At Wikingerbäcker, we believe in fairness and quality. In today's world, it's becoming increasingly challenging to find top-notch raw materials while maintaining fairness towards farmers and producers, as well as our region. That's why we established the producer community for Auricher Eier (eggs) over 20 years ago.

We prioritize sustainability and regional sourcing, producing the best bakery products for the best customers in the region. Emphasizing true craftsmanship, we take pride in using Auricher Eier, Auricher Roggen (rye), and freshly harvested Kürbisse (pumpkins) in our baked goods. We are not a factory and will never become one.

Despite our considerable size and 45 branches, we prioritize handwork and traditional baking techniques. Our dough not only contains the best ingredients but also gets the time it needs to develop its unique flavor. Stay up to date with our latest news, including a coloring page from Hannah & Sven or watch us on TV.

For any inquiries, please contact us at Lorenz-Bäcker-Victorbur GmbH


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