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Wingfield ist dein Zugang zu einem virtuellen Tenniserlebnis.


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Wingfield is your gateway to a virtual tennis experience. With Wingfield, traditional tennis courts are transformed into smart playing fields, providing access to the most interactive player experience ever. This brand offers affordable AI-based tracking technology for every amateur club, starting at just €3,999 or €108 per month for 48 months with the Wingfield Box. Wingfield empowers you to unleash your full potential by tracking every aspect of your game and providing you with important insights in your user account.

Not only does Wingfield offer on-court feedback and interactive coaching formats, but it also evaluates matches in participating associations to determine your national rating. Take your game to a whole new level with Wingfield's powerful AI analysis tools, which extend the world of tennis into the digital realm. Analyze your match performance, set new goals, track your progress, and compare your high scores with the community with the help of drill scores and interactive drills. Wingfield also offers video tools that go beyond traditional analysis, allowing you to filter entire matches for specific events, saving you time and effort in your technique analysis.

Improve your German Tennis Federation (DTB) performance class by challenging other players to official matches or participating in an LK league at your club. The AI referee ensures compliance with the rules and automatically forwards results to the association. Wingfield is loved by over 350 clubs and 30,000 players worldwide. Find more clubs in your area and bring Wingfield to your own club.

For those interested in bringing Wingfield to their club, the purchase of the Wingfield Court is subsidized by many cities, states, municipalities, and associations. Get started quickly with the Wingfield Box starting at €3,999 or €108 per month for 48 months. Join the growing numbers of the TV Schwanewede club, which is restructuring with a digital focus, increasing court utilization with club leagues. Hall operators can also benefit from expanding their offerings with Wingfield.

Apply for a subsidy for the smart net post. Many clubs have already been subsidized for their purchase of Wingfield, and we will guide you on where to get support. Stay up to date by subscribing to the newsletter and download the Wingfield app from the App Store or Google Play. Wingfield - Making Tennis Smart.


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