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CRM IR PROJEKTŲ VALDYMO PROGRAMAWiseTeam integruoja modernias vadybos praktikas, tokias kaip: KANBAN, SCRUM, A3, SALES PIPELINE ir ITIL.


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WiseTeam is a leading brand that offers a comprehensive CRM and project management software solution. Their platform integrates modern management practices such as KANBAN, SCRUM, A3, SALES PIPELINE, and ITIL, making it a versatile and efficient tool for businesses in various industries. With WiseTeam, you can conveniently plan and monitor tasks in real-time, whether they are related to projects, sales, or internal activities. The interactive KANBAN board allows you to quickly distribute work, focus on the tasks for the week, and have a clear overview of employee workload.

Additionally, WiseTeam streamlines time tracking and provides accurate employee time reports, making it easy to generate invoices. Managing projects becomes effortless with WiseTeam. You can easily plan and track project activities, results, and budgets in real-time. The platform also provides a holistic view of your project portfolio, allowing you to effectively manage multiple projects within your organization.

Moreover, WiseTeam offers a powerful sales management system that centralizes potential clients, their employees, and sales opportunities. Analyze sales potentials using the visual sales pipeline view and segment potential and existing clients. You can also organize marketing campaigns and monitor their effectiveness. WiseTeam's solution is designed to be user-friendly and adaptable to different devices, including tablets and smartphones.

The platform's adaptive user interface ensures a seamless user experience. For businesses seeking a tailored approach, WiseTeam provides professional services such as project management office (PMO) and project portfolio management (PPM) consultancy. They also offer independent evaluations and expert opinions, making them a trusted partner in resolving disputes or addressing complex project challenges. Choose WiseTeam and elevate your business operations with their comprehensive CRM and project management software.

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