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Workback’s talent development platform enables employers to manage upskilling programs for technology talent - including apprenticeships, pre-apprenticeships, and expert projects for software engineering, cyber, & data talent.


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Workback is a leading talent development platform that empowers employers to manage upskilling programs for technology talent. With a focus on software engineering, cyber, and data talent, Workback offers a comprehensive range of services including apprenticeships, pre-apprenticeships, and expert projects. For employers, Workback provides a skills-based recruiting platform that allows them to post job listings and submit skills-based hiring requests.

The platform also offers pricing transparency, allowing employers to articulate their pricing strategy. Job seekers can take advantage of Workback's current programs to explore open roles with employers and apply to join the talent collective. Workback is a skills-based hiring platform for sourcing, screening, and hiring technical talent from nontraditional backgrounds.

Recruiters can use Workback to connect with talented individuals who possess the skills they need and are seeking new career pathways. Trusted by top employers, Workback enables businesses to hire skilled talent from nontraditional backgrounds through its pre-vetted technical and vocational community. The platform also offers a range of features for sourcing, screening, technical vetting, interviews, offers, and even payroll and benefits.

Workback simplifies upskilling for growing tech teams by partnering with bootcamps, workforce development programs, and colleges. By matching employers with the right talent from training programs, Workback helps address the skilled labor shortage, providing a skills-based approach that goes beyond traditional methods like career fairs and word of mouth. With a focus on personalized and employee-led learning, Workback offers employees a starting point for upskilling and the ability to choose their own career-specific learning paths.

The platform's library curates the best content for each individual, and digital learning wallets enable payments for courses. This approach not only saves companies money on learning and development spending but also provides productivity gains and tax deductions. Workback is driven by the goal of addressing the skilled labor shortage in the USA.

By matching upskilled talent from nontraditional backgrounds to employers seeking to hire, the platform delivers a 250%+ ROI for businesses. It operates as a skills-based meritocracy, helping early-career skilled professionals get noticed by employers based on skills and merit rather than traditional resume pedigree. In addition to bridging the skill gap, Workback is focused on solving global labor shortages.

With over 1. 6 billion people worldwide needing to upskill by 2030, Workback provides an alternative path to traditional college degrees that are often burdened with heavy student debt. Through its skills-based hiring approach, Workback enables on-the-job training and employer-subsidized education.

Testimonials from satisfied clients highlight Workback's effectiveness in scaling personalized learning and optimizing L&D spending. The platform offers personalized education benefits, curated course suggestions, and simplified onboarding processes. To learn more about Workback and its offerings, you can request a demo or get in touch with the team.

The platform has already showcased its success in upskilling software engineers through a partnership with global advertising technology leader, The Trade Desk. Join the Workback community today and discover a new way to recruit and develop top tech talent for your organization


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