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X-Tract aide les organisateurs d'événements en transformant le téléphone de leurs équipes et des participants en véritables balises de détresse.


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X-Tract is a brand that provides essential help and support to event organizers. With X-Tract, the phones of both the event teams and participants become genuine distress beacons, ensuring that you are informed of any issues within 30 seconds. Their service provides you with quick information about the problem, who is affected, and the precise location of the incident. X-Tract goes beyond just enhancing event safety, as they also accompany participants, improving their overall experience until they reach the finish line.

The brand offers solutions such as automatic accident detection, enabling immediate SOS notifications in case of heart attacks or violent falls. They also provide localized alerts, allowing participants and signallers to share their exact positions within 10 seconds. Additionally, X-Tract simplifies course management by offering features like real-time visualization of runner and signaller positions on map interfaces, digitized signaller management, and efficient communication tools. With X-Tract, you can ensure the security and smooth running of your event.


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