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XOXO Dance Company in Zwolle is a renowned dance school dedicated to nurturing and showcasing the incredible dance talent in the city. Led by the visionary dancer, choreographer, and passionate owner Xoë Sorée, the school prioritizes the professionalism of its teaching staff, all of whom have extensive experience in the dance world and teaching diverse groups. Xoë Sorée's deep love for her hometown and unwavering belief in the dance talent it possesses drives her mission to provide a nurturing environment for dancers to grow and flourish.

For Xoë, dance is more than just an art form; it's a way of life, an expression, and a powerful means of sharing emotions and stories. XOXO Dance Company offers a wide range of dance workshops and classes for all age groups and skill levels. The school emphasizes inclusivity, bringing together dancers from different backgrounds and urban dance styles to learn and inspire each other.

Additionally, the school organizes dance events and workshops to expand the horizons of its students and expose them to various dance forms. Xoë's ultimate goal is to offer professional-level dance guidance and training so that talented dancers no longer feel the need to leave their hometown to pursue their ambitions. Through collaborations with local organizations and the support of the community, Xoë aims to transform Zwolle into a hub of urban dance innovation and creativity.

With her dedication to cultural participation, Xoë Sorée demonstrates her commitment to the Zwolle community. Join XOXO Dance Company today and be a part of this thriving dance community


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