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Brand Xwhy is a team of professionals who believe that every decision requires certainty and should be based on real-world principles. They go beyond standard organizational processes by utilizing methods from human sciences to uncover causal relationships in specific contexts. This approach forms a deep understanding that is applied to further development. The team works with various teams on different projects, ranging from product development and identity shaping to spatial planning and community engagement.

Their goal is to understand specific phenomena at a principled level and apply this knowledge to solve strategic problems. The team comprises Eugenijus Kaminskis, a meticulous professional who combines culture, business, and innovation; Žemartas Budrys, an enthusiast of sustainable lifestyle who connects art and innovation; Dominykas Karpovič, an enthusiastic idea generator who finds solutions using unconventional methods; Eglė Vitkutė, an active process creator focused on positive social impact in different contexts; and Julija Šredersaitė, a diplomatic professional who sees connections between different objects and finds creative solutions to improve people's quality of life. Xwhy is always open to conversations and collaboration opportunities. If you're interested, let's meet.


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