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Yardley has wide range of amazing perfumes and beauty products with variety of bath & body luxuries, skin care & hair care products.


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Yardley London MENA is a leading brand with a rich and colorful history that sets it apart from modern competitors. For over 240 years, Yardley London has been a purveyor of luxury fragrances, toiletries, and bath & beauty products. Their wide range of products includes refreshing body sprays, body lotions, shower crèmes, talcum powders, soaps, and more. Yardley London MENA takes pride in its heritage and upholds five core values: quality, heritage, Englishness, natural, and trust.

They carefully source and maintain high standards for all their products, ensuring customer satisfaction. Their distinctly English pedigree is reflected in the use of fresh, natural ingredients cultivated in the English countryside. With six Royal warrants since 1921, Yardley London is a brand trusted by British royalty. All Yardley London MENA products are inspired by nature and contain only the finest natural oils.

They prioritize transparency and work with certified manufacturers who adhere to sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. With classic and sophisticated fragrances, Yardley London MENA has remained a reliable and trustworthy choice for generations.


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