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YB Land DX Club is an amateur radio brand that is dedicated to the exciting world of DX-ing. Founded in September 2011, the club brings together a group of passionate DXers who share a love for exploring long-distance radio communication. With a motto of DX-ing is our life, YB Land DX Club is committed to promoting and enhancing the hobby of DX-ing in Indonesia.

The club offers a range of activities and services for its members. They organize domestic contests, provide information on DX contests and rules, and offer guidance on creating contest rules and determining the plaques to be awarded. They also engage in SWL (shortwave listening) competitions and share insights and tips on participating in various types of contests.

YB Land DX Club prides itself on its logo, which symbolizes the reach of amateur radio signals across the globe. The blue color represents the vastness of space, while the red and white colors symbolize amateur radio in Indonesia. The club's logo also features an image of islands, representing the club's aim to connect amateur radio enthusiasts in Indonesia with the world.

Join YB Land DX Club and explore the captivating world of DX-ing while contributing to the growth and recognition of amateur radio in Indonesia


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